About Us

Know Sumapan!!!

Sumapan technologies was founded in 2017 with the fundamental idea of weaving knowledge into technological advancements. As the company name suggests ‘Su’ (good) and ‘mapan’ (measure), we believe in providing innovative solutions based on careful measurement of customer requirements. We honour our commitments and believe in offering solutions keeping the client’s best interests in mind.

Our primary objective is to provide cutting edge, finest and the most comprehensible solutions to our clients. The founding team has excellent academic knowledge in the IT field and more than two decade long experience in the real estate sector. At Sumapan, we carefully work on clients’ requirements to achieve the desired output.

Sumapan Technologies has been developing Real Estate ERP Software Solution Services, custom software, web, database and mobile application development delivering world-class services for established businesses and start-up companies. Sumapan Technologies leverages a powerful blend of the best industry-proven practices, standards based technologies, market understanding and extensive hands-on experience to meet our client’s toughest challenges. With a fast paced advancement in technology, we believe in constantly updating our software skills and technologies, developing our core competencies and upgrading on the best practices in this domain. This helps us in offering solutions which provide a competitive edge to our clients.